The Feature Highlights

We can personalized signs for indoor and outdoor use for your business or special occasion. ImageWorks can offer a wide variety of custom signage, colors, shapes, and sizes.   

Wide Variety 

We provide a variety of custom products and services, including custom indoor and outdoor signs . 

Crafted with care

We take pride in making our clients ideas come to life. Each sign with it's own personal and unique touch. Crafted with care. 

What is the Best MAterial for an Outdoor Sign?


Out of all the options available for outdoor signage, Aluminum is one of the most popular. These type of signs perform both indoors and outdoors.

Aluminum comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending upon usage.

  • .040-gauge is perfect for real estate and political signs
  • .080-gauge works well for street signs
  • .125-gauge is the best choice for heavy duty signage. 

Pros of aluminum

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • It is pliable, so it can be bent into different shapes
  • Easy to print on
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch Proof 
  • Eye-catching
  • Cost-effective
  • Recyclable

The Cons of Aluminum

  • The sheen is not for everyone
  • It dents easy
  • Can reflect light
  • It still can cost more than other options.