Channel Letters

Channel Letters are individual 3 dimensional graphics fabricated from aluminum & acrylic that have internal illumination from a neon or LED light source. These are good especially during the night when it is dark out, you are still able to see the signs of the businesses like restaurants you are going to during the evening. To learn more about this, click here.

Business sign

Acrylics channel letters

Standard Channel Letters are fabricated with a .080 aluminum back and .063 aluminum sides to which an acrylic face is mounted to with a trimcap. The Acrylic face allows light to emit for night time illumination. 

Restaurant sign


They can be installed directly to the wall or on a raceway, which is an aluminum cabinet which the letters mount to and contains the necessary wiring and power supplies for illumination.

Restaurant sign

Halo Lit 

The halo lit styles have an aluminum face with a diffused acrylic back plate that allows the light to emit behind the letter creating a soft glow around the letter at night. Halo lit letters are mounted directly to the wall or to a backer panel utilizing spacers to lift the letters off the surface and provide a uniform glow around the letter. To request more information, please click here.