Parking Signage & Traffic Signage

Parking & Traffic signage provides motorists within your facility the information needed to ensure safety. Whether your facility has a single reserved spot or is a multi-level structure, 

Parking Rate Sign


We offer CT mandated regulatory, individual space designation, traffic control, rate & regulation, customer information and facility identification signs.

Airport Parking Signage


ImageWorks can provide sign solutions for all of your needs. We can customize any size or shapes or graphics. For more information, click here. Direct the flow of traffic and parking on your property. Traffic signage is available for use in crosswalk areas, parking lots, side streets, private streets and even school zones. Street Signs, Stop Signs, and Speed Limit Signs are also available for added safety on any public or private road. Custom Signs can be created for unique traffic and parking messages.


According to the How Products are Made website, traffic signs consist of three basic components: a blank, background sheeting, and sign copy. Blanks, usually constructed of plywood, aluminum, or steel, serve as the framework of the sign. Plywood is the least expensive blank material. It is fairly strong but is susceptible to weather damage since it is porous; plywood blanks must be overlaid with a thin layer of plastic. Aluminum will not rust, but it is very lightweight and must be reinforced with metal braces along the back.
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Traffic controls for certain parking areas and commercial establishments is governed by the Office of the State Traffic Administration. There are special rules for parking areas for 20 or more vehicles. For more information and to see the Connecticut regulations, click here