Pylon/ Free Standing 

Pylon/ Free Standing signs are a business’ primary exterior identification display and the first impression it presents to the public. These signs are mounted higher in the air which provides great visibility from a distance. A well designed, easily read road sign allows your clients to locate your facility safely while providing advertisement 24 hours a day. For more information, click here.

Pylon/ Free standing Materials 

Various materials can be utilized in the construction of these signs, the most common being aluminum, wood & high density urethane. The graphics can be flat painted or a dimensional material such as acrylic, pvc, HDU, aluminum or steel.

ILLUMINATION and displays 

Illumination can be provided internally, externally or a combination of both.

At ImageWorks we design around architectural elements, brand standards & natural surroundings to provide our clients  an inviting well designed & crafted “Welcome to Our Place of Business” display that will attract customers for many years.


The primary identification sign is where the theme for all other signage products within a facility begins. That theme is then carried through on all other exterior & interior facility signage to provide a unified visual reinforcement for your brand.

Contact us for information on how a new primary identification sign can attract more clients for your business.