Carved Signs 

A true New England tradition, carved signs are fabricated with letters or graphics that are incised carved into the surface of the material. A carved sign can be manufactured from a wood product, High Density Urethane or PVC. This is a very unique way of advertising your business as most businesses do not have these types of signs. For more information on these signs, please click here.

graphics in Carved signs

The graphics are generally carved with a V groove style, which forms a center line on the graphic that reflects more light than a flat painted graphic. Added dimension can be obtained through the use of raised applique graphics to the sign which makes it look bolder. 


Sandblasted signs are fabricated by recessing the background of the sign with a media blast technique. The borders & graphics remain first surface while the background is taken down revealing the grain of the wood or the texture of the chosen substrate.

The finishes

The traditional finish of a carved sign is a low gloss background with gold leaf applied to the letters and images, although a gloss painted finish is often used as well.

Our wood & PVC signs are finished with acrylic latex paints, while the HDU is finished with an acrylic polyurethane (automotive) paint. Both finishes provide our carved and sandblasted signs the outstanding durability required in our Northeast climate.

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